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Gaji Pertama dari Bidvertiser


BidVertiser sent you $10,26 USD Transaction ID: ———–

Dear Akhmad Yuni Arif,

BidVertiser sent you a payment of $10,26 USD.

Note from sender, BidVertiser:
BidVertiser Publisher Payments for period of: 31-Oct-2007 to 30-Jun-2010

Get the details
Don’t see the money in your account?

Don’t worry – sometimes it just takes a few minutes for it to show up.
Sender Information

+972 732404505


Alhamdulillah .. sempat kaget juga baca email bertanggal 1 Agustus 2010, dapat gaji pertama dari bidvertiser.

Yang membuat kaget … Saya tidak ingat di blog mana meletakkan iklan bidvertiser ini. Dari periode penayangan iklan 31-Oct-2007 to 30-Jun-2010 saya mendapatkan $10,26 USD.

Masih penasaran, ternyata saya mendapati email dari bidvertiser berikut ini :

Dear Akhmad Yuni,

We are pleased to inform you that we have issued a payment for your BidVertiser account.

Payment method : PayPal
PayPal Account : lasyabutik@telkom.net
Payment period : 31-Oct-2007 – 30-Jun-2010
Amount paid : 10.26

NOTE: the publisher payment will be sent to you from our corporate
account of Bpath LTD (account address: paypal.payments@bidvertiser.com).

Please do not respond directly to this e-mail because we are unable to receive e-mail responses to this address. Should you encounter any problems or have any questions, please login to your BidVertiser account and click on the Support link.

Best Regards,
BidVertiser Support Team

Mau ngecek di bidvertiser, saya lupa account dan password saya …

Alhamdulillah .. ini rejeki Ramadhan …


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